SMERALDA BOATS - barca a vela, gommoni, gite in barca, charter Costa Smeralda
Escursioni e crociere in barca a vela, catamarano e noleggio gommoni da Cannigione, Porto Rotondo e Porto Cervo


Deep see excursion for cetaceans sightseeing, which will be done under optimal weather conditions since the sightseeing area is approximately 30 miles east of Caprera canyon, watching area for sperm whales, dolphins rar Curvier's beacked whales, sea turtles and mobula rays.

The excursion is a "full day" trip in a sea area located inside Pelagos sanctuary, which includes France, Principality of Monaco and Italy territories with an extension of 90.000 square Km


The sightseeing probability is 80%.